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Amazing all natural chicken litter fertilizer.

Fermented for a perfect, slow-release, non-burning formula

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Good Stuff

It's a way of life we love sharing with you.

There's something special about growing your own, beautiful fruits, veggies and flowers—or having the ultimate lawn—that's satisfying. For us, it's a way of life that started back several generations ago with Adam's family who are family farmers. Adam and his wife Julie are blessed to have their own farm where they raise chickens and use the litter to fertilize farm fields. Years of working with the earth inspired the idea for Coop Gro, a soil-friendly fertilizer that gives the soil what it needs to grow healthy plants. Our special fermentation process ensures that your plants are better off... and our planet is too! There's nothing quite like enjoying the fruits of your labor, and knowing you're leaving behind a good place for future generations. From our family to yours, we wish you years of success and joy!

The Benefits of Coop Gro


Carbon aids in soil structure, stores water and plant nutrients and feeds vital soil organisms


Our special fermentation process is planet-friendly


Slow-release formula doesn't burn plants


Packed with minor elements that you don't get with other traditional fertilizers


It's Omri-listed for organic use

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 Coop Gro is designed to be easy for the average gardener and friendly for the planet. Our special formula feeds vital soil organisms and won't burn plants. It's amazing to use!

Adam Rowland, Coop Gro

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Proudly produced in the USA from our family farm in Georgia

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